Sunday, January 22, 2012

                                    Nordic Ware 

Hello everyone this is my very first post these of you who know of the nordic ware company that was founded in 1946 as the one that creation and made the world famous  bundt pan only and think that all they make you have not been on there website take a look at this.

What to know how i find this i was looking for a bundt cake pan my mom had one i was looking and looking but cloud not find it so think in it lost, i get online and type bundt pan to cut to the chase i find nordic ware company,you know how you looking for one thing then end up look in at something  elsewhere, that me i find this get it oh funny thing is two days later i find the bundt pan in the car backseat anyway this pan that you are see is call a petit fours baking pan IT SO CUTE i had to have it.

It good for make little cake's for tea party's  and cookies as well if you love cute little bite size yummy like me you look into buy in this pan because you love it, made from cast aluminum for ever baking has a nonstick coated for easy cleanup and release and 2-cup (.47-liter)capacity.

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