Friday, September 21, 2012

New York  pizza is awesome but for many  like me who don't live in NY how are we to get some i live in Ky and i have  the place spinellis pizzeria is as close to new york you can get without a long dive to get some, the location is a bit of a hole in the wall but it a awesome hole in the wall
the inside decor is awesome too with comics all over the wall.
This place is awesome it has a cool feel about it, there a great variety of food big slices of pizza that are pack full of topping's the crust is handmade but what i love the most is there deep fry oreo's it like i dead and was reborn after eating one it was a hot chocolaty yummy that you know after one bite you need to have more.

If you come to Louisville Ky and get the need for some pizza spinellis is the place to go.

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